What is the Think it. Make it. Podcast?

With the vast explosion of 3D printing and CNC technology in the consumer market, it is easier now than ever before to acquire a system that is capable of turning your ideas into reality.

STEPCRAFT is a world leader in CNC/3D technology and because of the flexibility of the Stepcraft machines, we decided that a podcast would be the best way to explore all of the things that you can create with a CNC mill/router, laser, drag knife, 3D printer and much more.  While this podcast is powered by Stepcraft, the information that will be contained in the episodes pertain to the anyone that is interested in this technology, no matter what CNC or 3D printing system that you own.

In the upcoming episodes we will be covering a lot of topics, including:

  • CNC milling, carving, machining and engraving
  • 3D printing software, machines, techniques, tips and filaments
  • CAD software
  • CAM software, including the Vectric line of programs
  • Design ideas
  • Resources
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Interviews
  • Contests
  • And much more…

Our goal with this podcast is to take the fear out of CNC and 3D printing and make it fun and achievable for everyone to take part in this amazing technology.  Everyone has ideas – we want to help make them a reality.

-Erick Royer, Host