Think It. Make It. Podcast – Episode 27 – All About An Etsy Business With Marissa From The Burned Edge

In this episode, we have a special guest, Marissa Pasternak from The Burned Edge. Marissa and her husband Stephen have been running a successful Etsy business selling products that they make using traditional woodworking and a CO2 Laser. They have recently added a CNC to their shop and we are grateful that she was able … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #025 – Helping Friends Now That You Have A CNC – Challenge Update.

In this episode, we discuss how having a CNC can lead to friends and family asking for favors and how to schedule this so it is not a major disruption to your business. We all want to help friends and it can be exciting to make things for people, especially when you first get your … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #024 – Discussing the Corn Hole Board Project and How to Customize It

In this episode we discuss Bobby’s Corn Hole Board and various ways to customize it for the logos that he wants to include. We also discuss the viability of this project and other ideas that could spin-off from it to expand the offerings to other markets. We discuss V Carve wood inlays as well as … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #022 – The Challenge Project #2 – Custom Plaques and Lithophanes

This week Greg walks us through his pet memorial plaque project and we discuss some ways to improve his very cool concept. He has incorporated a lithophane into the center of the plaque with the photo of the pet. These will be very unique memorials for your furry loved ones. We discuss, in detail several … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #021 – The Challenge Project #1 – Vacuum Fixtures for Production

This week we finally start to dive into the design and CAM of our projects. Erick will discuss how he intends to make his whole project with the CNC and no other power tools with the exception of a drill for the hinge screws and a palm sander before staining. He designed the project with … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #020 – MDF Doors with Amana Tools, Using Oracal Masking, CNC for Education

This week has been crazy and we did not have a lot of time to spend on our Think It Make It Challenge projects, so we discussed some other things going on around the shop. We also spend some time talking about CNC In Education and our experiences over the last 8 years working with … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #019 – Fusion 360 for Hobbyists Cost?, Designing a Challenge Project with Vacuum Fixtures For Production.

In this episode we discuss the real costs for Fusion 360 for the hobbyists. There is a lot of confusion over this and some think it is free for only the first year. We dive into this and hopefully clear this up for many of you. We also talk about Fusion 360 and Vectric V … Read more

Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #018 – The Think It. Make It. Challenge Projects Continued Discussion – Discussing Soft Limits

In this episode we continue discussing our Challenge projects and Greg has a complete new idea and finally settled into what his project is going to be. We discussed more details about features, materials and some possible challenges that we will each face with our projects. This episode is really good for anyone who is … Read more