Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #020 – MDF Doors with Amana Tools, Using Oracal Masking, CNC for Education

This week has been crazy and we did not have a lot of time to spend on our Think It Make It Challenge projects, so we discussed some other things going on around the shop. We also spend some time talking about CNC In Education and our experiences over the last 8 years working with educators.

Erick helped make some new MDF cabinet doors for his gun club using some Amana Tool MDF door cutting tools. You can see the tools here:

Raised Panel – Amana Tool RC-2485
Door Lock – Amana Tool 46155-K 1/8″ Compression Bit
Profile Cutout – Amana Tool 46179-K 3/8″ Compression Bit
V Carve Logo – Amana Tool RC-1105 110 degree V-Groove Bit
V Carve Clearing – Amana Tool 46348-K 1/4″ Down Cut

Close-up BEFORE
Cabinets BEFORE
New Doors and Face (Doors have touch up paint on them still drying)
New cabinet face with doors installed at the shop before install

The center cabinet door had a V Carve Logo in it that was painted a contrasting color. This process was done by cutting the raised panel door, sanding it and then painting it with the base color. After a couple coats of paint, Oracal masking was applied and then the panel was put back on the machine with the center as the XY zero. Then the logo was V Carved into the door. After that was done, the carved area was painted with black acrylic paint and then the masking was removed once the paint dried.

Oracal ORAMASK 813 –

V Carved Center Door Panel

2 thoughts on “Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #020 – MDF Doors with Amana Tools, Using Oracal Masking, CNC for Education”

  1. INSL-X SXA11009A-01 Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer

    This is what we use as an undercoater for our cabinets. It’s thick enough that it seals the mdf instead of soaking in so much. Water base for easy clean up. You can top coat with lacquer, water base or hybrid. Excited to hear new episodes. I’m loving my M-1000!

    • Thank you Chris. We will certainly try this. I am so glad to hear you like the podcast and your new M.1000 machine! -Erick


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