Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #016 – We Are Back With A New Format, New Co-Hosts, And A New CNC Business Competition – The Think It. Make It. Challenge

After a long break, we are finally bringing the Think It. Make It. Podcast back on the air. There were a lot of things keeping us from getting the podcast done including moving our company, COVID issues and just plain being very busy. To make it easier for us to do on a weekly basis, the podcast will now be co-hosted with Erick, Greg and Bobby. We will be bringing you a ton of new CNC-related content, interviews, tips and tricks and much more.

Erick Royer

The Director/CEO of Stepcraft, Inc. Erick has decades of marketing, business I have been an entrepreneur all my life and have been in businesses using, programming, and designing projects using CNC machinery and 3D Printers for over 15 years. In 2014 I partnered with the owners of STEPCRAFT in Germany to open and develop the business market in North and South America. Since then, I have personally been involved with customers, taking feedback and offering assistance to help ensure every customer is successful with their STEPCRAFT system. You will find many videos that I have made on YouTube and you will find me active in many CNC groups on Facebook. My goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure every customer is happy with their machine and the service and support received by our team. One of my great passions is training customers on how to use their CNC System.  I enjoy making courses, videos and even hosting live trainings online and at our facility. Be sure to keep a look out for emails about all future trainings that I host. 

Bobby Noble

The Sales Manager for Stepcraft, Inc. Bobby joined STEPCRAFT in September 2020 and he brings over 10 years of customer service and sales experience. He is extremely dedicated to our customers and will always go out of his way to ensure every customer has the best experience. Bobby’s goal is to make sure each and every customer achieves their hobbyist or professional goals. Always feel free to call or email Bobby with questions whether they be in regards to machines, attachments, accessories, etc. and he will be happy to assist you.

Greg Bodnar

Support Manager for Stepcraft, Inc. Greg launched his journey with Stepcraft in early 2017 after falling in love with the creative versatility of the machines. He began helping others find their potential and is now the support manager for the North and South American division of Stepcraft. He is incredibly passionate about anything CNC and firmly believes that with the right help, anyone can create on a Stepcraft! Greg and his support team use a variety of tools, such as Facetime, Zoom, remote connect software and video to make sure that each and every customer receives the very best service in the industry. If you are ever stuck on anything from assembly to software, Greg and his team are standing by ready to assist!

Of course this is just a small part of our Connecticut, USA-based team, but we are the people that you will interact with most.  If any of us can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. 

In this episode we talk about what has been going on over the last year within our company, as well as Greg introducing a new Tip of the Week segment. One of the most exciting things we are going to be doing is the new Think It. Make It. Challenge. In this competition, Greg, Bobby and Erick will each have $250 to invest in the creation, design, fabrication and sales of a product. Over the last 2 years we have spoken to hundreds of people who bought a CNC system to bring an idea that they have to life. Whether its signs, toys, functional parts, or just about anything you can image, customers are using their CNC systems to make a full or part-time living.

Many times people have a great idea for a product but do not know how to design or make it, or they know how to make it but have no idea how to market it. In the next several series of podcasts, we will each be going through the process, from idea to our first sales and we will openly share every success and failure with you. Our goal is to inspire everyone and show you what is needed to start your very own business with the use of a CNC system.

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