Think it. Make it. Podcast Episode #002 – Sending Items Into Space with Jack Bryan

Have you ever been thinking, “What would be a really cool way to market my business or product?” Well look no further! Sent Into Space is an extremely innovative company in Sheffield, England that specializes in sending items into space. Projects can range from science and meteorological testing experiments to bottles of gin.

Marketing photograph taken for Panasonic

With the use of weather balloons, tons of experience and knowledge and a host of technology, one main aspect of their company is marketing for businesses. By attaching a logo or product to one of their balloons along with a host of camera equipment, they are able to supply their customers with professional photos from earths upper atmosphere with the blackness of space as the background.

Getting ready to launch a balloon.

Jack Bryan, who completed his MscEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He specializes in novel additive manufacturing techniques for both plastics and metals. Involved with electronic and communication engineering societies. He started at Sent Into Space in May of 2017. Jack is the person who handles much CNC work for the company.

Sent Into Space has a STEPCRAFT D.840 CNC machine with a HF-500 spindle and a Hot Wire Cutter. Additionally they purchased a DL-445 Laser Attachment for specialized cutting and engraving applications. They use their CNC for making custom foam inserts to protect delicate equipment as well as custom bracketry and mounts for holding objects securely for the 3-4 hour trip into space and back.

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