Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #008 – From Beginner To Amazon Handmade Seller With Mike Winn

Mike Winn is a first time CNC’er who has not only learned how to design and program his CNC machine, but he turned his hobby into a profitable business. As you can see from the photos below, Mike is very creative and produces some very high quality items on his machine. We discuss a lot of different aspects on CNC operation and product design, in addition to the following:

  • Using a CNC machine to start a side business
  • Using Amazon’s Handmade service for crafters to sell items
  • Utilizing scrap wood to make items to sell. Sometimes old furniture that someone is throwing out can have good quality wood to make projects with little to no material cost.
  • Making fixtures on and for a CNC machine
  • Programs and applications for 3D design and CAM work
  • Perils of running a CNC machine unattended
  • Making CNC puzzles – Consider for already designed CNC puzzle files
  • TIP – Using machining allowance to allow clearance with a roughing toolpath to make room for a finishing end mill.
  • Using rigid foam insulation board for testing projects and when learning to use a CNC
  • Importance of Dust Collection
  • Making Edge-lit Acrylic Signs
  • How to make a multi-color edge lit sign (See American flag sign below)
  • Making Dominos on a CNC
  • Use less expensive bits when learning but invest in good quality tooling when you are looking for the best output quality and performance.


5 thoughts on “Think It. Make It. Podcast Episode #008 – From Beginner To Amazon Handmade Seller With Mike Winn”

  1. Great podcast! I’ve been enjoying listening to all of them. I don’t yet own a CNC but have been looking into the q.404. I have zero CNC experience and very little woodworking experience but I’m a creative coming from the photography world with a lot of experience in creative software so I’m really excited to continue listening and learning.


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